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for companies in the Nutraceuticals, Medical Devices and Complementary Feed.

-144.000 Kg CO2 EQ/ANNO

Quality and Professionalism at Your Disposal

LARN is an independent, Italian CDMO that operates in Nutraceuticals and specialises in producing Food Supplements, Foods for Specials Medical Purposes (FSMPs), Medical Devices and Complementary Feed for third party companies: the ideal partner for companies looking for organization, versatility, high production capacity and innovation.


LARN firmly believes in the quality of its products and scrupulously selects its raw materials and packaging.

LARN operates in accordance with HACCP and additionally has the following certifications:



Yes we canYes we can

Yes We Can

LARN maintains its technical-scientific know-how to work in a wide range of fields.
The company’s flexibility allows for the production of medium and large batches and optimised delivery times in accordance with the Client’s request.

You Tell Us, We Make ItYou Tell Us, We Make It

You Tell Us, We Make It

LARN offers products in tablet, capsule, liquid, syrup and powder forms. Tablets can be coated, gastro-resistant and/or modified-released and come in three different shapes: round, oval and oblong. Capsules can be produced in different sizes, HPMC, gelatin and gastro-resistant and natural colours.

Full-service or… Your ChoiceFull-service or… Your Choice

Full service or... Your Choice

Every product LARN creates can be delivered full-service or in bulk in accordance with the Clients’ request. The packaging options are blister packs, sachets, bottles and jars. The bottles and jars have multiple eco-friendly material options and can be wrapped in a total body shrink sleeve.

Research and Development

Consultation and Assistance through Every Stage

The Research and Development (R&D) team is made up of highly-qualified professionals, specialised in diverse fields and with years of experience. The R&D team works in collaboration with the Client from the initial idea, with consultation and assistance in every stage afterward and stability tests in the climatic chamber. As a result, the team produces an all-around novel result, from the choice of the raw materials to the packaging, so that the Clients’ final product is personalised and unique.

Environment sustainability


Being a company that is environmentally conscious is not only a deep-rooted belief but also an awareness of the impact the company has on its surroundings. Therefore, the company carefully plans its developments to ensure they are eco-friendly, using a long term “going green” approach. To LARN, being oriented towards environmental sustainability means being oriented towards an optimistic future..

The LARN Forest
The LARN Forest

Through the non-profit organization Save the Planet, LARN participates in a project focused on the reforestation of Ticino Park. This initiative supplies and plants native forest plants, reinforces them with netting and stakes and implements a 5-year maintenance plan for the surrounding area, including an irrigation system and the replacement of damaged or diseased plants.

Balancing our Carbon Footprint
Balancing our Carbon Footprint

With the help of the United Nations’ Carbon Offset Platform, LARN calculates the CO2 quantity produced by all the employees’ commute to work and converts the value into Euros, thus obtaining a precise amount to help finance Save the Planet’s projects to conserve nature and repair the destruction caused by humans on the environment.

Renewable Resources
Renewable Resources

Most of the electrical energy expended in the workplace comes from renewable resources.